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All About Space

If I asked you today what optimal spacing is, you would probably say, ‘at least 6 feet’. But when this blog was originally conceived, we were not yet social distancing.

Understanding Hybrids

The human brain has a need to categorize. Learn about a new company, person or concept and chances are, you will attempt to place it into a category in your mind where you think it belongs. (Is it a bird? Is it a plane?) Perhaps it is the best way that we organize our thoughts…

SELL is Not a Four Letter Word

I used this title from D. Robinson’s book. I thought it summed up my thoughts so well! I have Sales in my job title, however I work selling in an industry that has the military and government as its end customer. We also work with many wonderful industry partners in this process, but ultimately we…

Your COTM Checklist

Having the right Comms-On-The-Move (COTM) is vital in today’s military and political environment. Communications must support movement across geographical areas while encountering a wide variety of conditions and scenarios.

Satellite Terminals: Why “Certify”?

As I sit in line at the car safety inspection station on the 30th of the month along with 12-15 of my closest friends all in line in front of me, I ask myself, “why do I need to be here?” My car is not (that) old and I’m (fairly) sure it’s safe. But I…

Weatherproof – or not?

As satellite operators work to show the benefits of their respective frequency bands, one point of contention comes up again and again; performance in bad weather.

Start With X. Stay With X.

When my old model iPhone started to have battery issues, I knew the time was coming to switch to a better option. While I wasn’t particularly happy about the money I’d need to spend, I couldn’t do without a phone, either. I needed to switch quickly and relatively painlessly. Like most people, I use my…

Agility in Battle… and Business

When you first encounter a company, one of your initial questions (after what do they do?) is most likely how big are they? Indeed companies are often evaluated not solely by their performance, but by their size.

Resiliency, Affordability, Ease of Use: Equipping the WGS User with XTAR

Since 2005, XTAR has provided the U.S. Government a U.S. industry-unique product: 1.44 GHz of military-grade, high-throughput, virtually-weatherproof X-band SATCOM bandwidth that is 100% compatible with the DoD’s own Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) constellation. That’s right: XTAR’s fleet of 20 powerful, 72 MHz transponders are 100% compatible WGS, and thus provides a natural, redundant resiliency…

Leveraging Commercial Innovation

Lori Garver, former Deputy Administrator at NASA gave an interview to The Commercial Space Blog on November 23, 2017. During this, Ms Garver advocated several positions related to how best the US Government could leverage technological developments that commercial industries are bringing ever faster to market. I think several of the approaches she highlighted are…