Look Angle

Look angles are required such that the earth station antenna points or "looks at" the satellite directly. From a location on earth, the 2 look angles that are needed are Azimuth and Elevation. Since XTAR satellites are geostationary, these look angles are constant for fixed ground antennas.

The look angle calculator determines the azimuth and elevation angles for XTAR satellites based on the input earth station latitude (°N) and longitude (°E) geographical locations.

Look Angle Calculator

To use for XTAR satellites, make the following selections and entries:

  • Select either:
    • 29E XTAR-EUR
    • 30W HISPASAT 1C (aka XTAR-LANT aka SpainSat)
  • Select your location by entering your address into the dropdown. Alternatively, your latitude (°N) and longitude (°E) can be entered into this dropdown in decimal degrees (separated with a comma but do not use parenthesis) Once entered, your location can be adjusted interactively by clicking and dragging the location marker that appears on the map.
  • The resulting Azimuth and elevation look angles appear interactively at the base of map.
  • The magnetic Azimuth is also given for compass reference.
  • The LNB skew is not used since XTAR satellites are circularly polarized.
  • The Options box for "show obstacle" can be checked to display the maximum height, h and minimum distance, d that an obstacle can have without blocking the line of sight from your location to the satellite.