Access to Service

XTAR's unique selection of service options is tailored specifically for government users. XTAR values highly its reputation for being customer-focused and flexible. Our contracting objective is to make every purchase from XTAR highly cost-effective and bandwidth-efficient.

XTAR space segment capacity is available through a number of contracting channels and vehicles. Regardless of whether your organization is seeking only space segment capacity or a full end-to-end solution using XTAR bandwidth, there are multiple contracting options available.

XTAR's space segment capacity is available today directly from XTAR through the following existing channels:
  • XTAR FCSA Transponded Services Contract
  • Direct commercial contracting with XTAR
Additionally, space segment and full Value-Added service solutions are available through XTAR reseller partners:
  • FCSA Transponded Services reseller contracts
  • FCSA Subscription Services and CS2 contracts through XTAR partners
  • Other U.S. and non-U.S. contract vehicles

XTAR space segment capacity is available to government integrators and resellers who wish to include it in their value-added solutions.