Start With X. Stay With X.

When my old model iPhone started to have battery issues, I knew the time was coming to switch to a better option. While I wasn’t particularly happy about the money I’d need to spend, I couldn’t do without a phone, either. I needed to switch quickly and relatively painlessly. Like most people, I use my phone for almost everything.

As I started to do my research, I noticed that I didn’t even look into Android phones as an alternative. Why? It wasn’t due to a preference for iPhones, I’ve never even used an Android phone before. It was all about convenience and speed. Upgrading to an iPhone X would mean that I could save all of my current apps and data, not start all over with Android versions. And I could have all of my data, including contacts easily switched over to the newest model. Simple. I couldn’t deal with the inconvenience and time required to switch to a whole new system. I had to pay money either way (Apple or Android) – with one, it was quicker and less painful to get me up and running again.

Many users face the same type of decision when they are trying to access WGS but are unable to for whatever reason. They then have a choice, as having no communications is not an option. They can either lease from XTAR and stay with X-band, the frequency they were already using, or they can switch to a different frequency. But, moving to that different frequency means rejigging old equipment, or even purchasing new. Plus, they then face the disadvantages of those other frequencies such as poor performance in rain, cloud cover and sand storms.

WGS users understand the power of X-band; it’s the frequency dedicated to government and military users as it best fits their needs. Weather resistant, efficient, excellent performance with small antennas. If you can’t access WGS for any reason, leasing the very same frequency from XTAR is the simplest and quickest way to get you up and running again.

While it’s inconvenient for me to be without my phone, it’s impossible for the government or military user to be without solid, dependable communications. For mission success, simplicity and speed just make sense.