Satellite Terminals: Why “Certify”?

As I sit in line at the car safety inspection station on the 30th of the month along with 12-15 of my closest friends all in line in front of me, I ask myself, “why do I need to be here?” My car is not (that) old and I’m (fairly) sure it’s safe. But I guess I can’t say for certain that it is.

If my car for some reason is not safe, it could impact not only me, but other drivers. A simple inspection could detect that in advance and save a lot of trouble. And when I get through that line and receive my new sticker, other drivers will know that my car is okay to be on the road.

The same goes with any other inspection and certification process, including those for satellite terminals. If a terminal is not operating correctly, it could perform at sub-optimal levels, and even more importantly, could cause unintentional interference to other users. Certification helps to review for potential problems and to serve as another data point for the manufacturer. As new satellite terminals come on the market, manufacturers strive to quickly receive certification so they can be put into use. But to be certified for use on WGS, the process can take up to two years.

At XTAR, we evaluate terminals using a thorough, yet much quicker certification process to ensure that they are safe to operate – and the process only takes about a week.

This week of testing and evaluation ensures that the antennas are safe and compliant to interface with XTAR’s satellites. Why is this important?

In the event WGS X-band capacity is unavailable for any reason, users can simply repoint their antennas for use on XTAR satellites. Having an XTAR-certified antenna speeds up this process. Manufacturers can quickly bring their products into use on the XTAR constellation, even if they are not yet certified with WGS.

Plus, once you are certified, XTAR provides marketing support and publicity so others know that your terminal is safe to use on the XTAR constellation. This may be especially useful for new antennas on the market that have not yet completed the WGS certification process.

Today, there are 27 terminals which are XTAR certified, with more currently in the process.

Want to add your terminal to this list? Manufacturers wishing to submit their terminal for certification should contact XTAR. The process is just as important as ensuring your car is safe on the road, but probably a lot less frustrating.