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XTAR Certified Terminals

The following antennas have been tested and certified for use on the XTAR constellation:

Advantech Sat-Lite 2421 Antenna
Ball Aerospace Airlink X-1
Datapath miSAT 0.45
3.9m iDKET
4.0m DKET 3400
GCS (L-3) Panther II, Gen5 (96 cm)
Panther II, Gen5 (60 cm)
Hawkeye III 1.2
Hawkeye III 1.6
Hawkeye III 2.0
Hawkeye III 2.4
GD Satcom M17-17A
Hughes HM300
Narda (L-3) AN/TSC-179
Tampa Microwave TM-65
Vislink Mantis 65
Mantis 90
Mantis 190
Newswift CF
Gigasat ULV-45
FA-240 Antenna
FA-370 Antenna
Viasat BAT 600 MMT

The XTAR certification process takes approximately one week and is designed to ensure that antennas are safe and compliant to interface with XTAR’s satellites.

Manufacturers wishing to submit their terminal for consideration should contact XTAR at or +1 571 281-3570.

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