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Satellite Communications and Security Cooperation: Achieving All-Weather Global Resiliency, Interoperability, and Affordability – by Working with WGS

Background.  On December 7, 2016, the US Air Force launched the 8th of 10 planned Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) satellites into orbit, from Cape Canaveral in Florida.  This latest WGS satellite marks a technological leap forward for the WGS constellation, bringing more X- (and Ka-band) capacity to the Department of Defense.  X-band is also an…

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Tunnel Vision

Serving military and government users without distractions from the commercial marketplace The communications technology sector is fast paced, at times even chaotic, with new concepts perpetually in development. The satellite industry is no exception. As new antennas, higher throughput and many other products and services come online, companies look to capitalize on these innovations. Complicated…

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DoD Acquisition Reform, Silicon Valley Innovation, and What These Should Tell Us about the Future of Satellite Communications

After years of watching struggling defense acquisition reform initiatives while simultaneously lauding the agility, responsiveness, and successes of U.S. industry (perhaps most notably, Silicon Valley companies), it is clear that the Department of Defense needs to transition from a traditional “you-buy-it, you-live-with-it” military satellite communications (MILSATCOM) architecture towards an agile, responsive, commercial-based satellite communications (COMSATCOM) solution to meet our…

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Primetech Announces Partnership With Leading US X-band Secure Satellite Operator XTAR

Partnership will allow Primetech to provide a dedicated, secure government and military frequency to UK emergency service, government and other clients. Primetech (UK), a leading pioneer of advanced communications solutions for emergency services, government departments, businesses and armed forces, today announces its partnership with XTAR, a US-based commercial X-band satellite operator, to enable end-to-end secure,…

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Control your own destiny

The satellite menu is a smorgasbord of options, particularly with the introduction in recent years of Ka-band. The search for effective Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) solutions for governments, particularly in this new world of ever-changing threats is fraught with misinformation and misperceptions. An effective solution is at your fingertips. You may not know about…

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XTAR-LANT Enhances EMC Global X-band Coverage

EMC Using X-band for Airborne Terminal Application XTAR, LLC renewed a long-term contract to supply EMC with high-throughput X-band to disadvantaged airborne terminals. EMC is a leading provider of communications and content services for remote locations around the world. As part of the contract, XTAR will continue to provide space segment to Airborne intelligence, surveillance…

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