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In the Arena with HTS

X-Band outperforms newcomers, including HTS Ku on SWaP-limited antennas Yesterday’s announcement by Gilat and Intelsat General of tests on Gilat’s BR 71 antenna is great news! Really. Why would an X-band satellite operator say this? Because every technical advancement forces all players to aim at a higher performance threshold, so with this small terminal, one…

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Small UAVs: Overcoming SWaP Limitations with Smaller, Lighter, High-Throughput X-band SATCOM Terminals

Have you wondered what trends in business ultimately will be successful, and which are just flashes in the pan?  Look no further than everyday cell phones, the success of which is largely due to countless improvements overcoming Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) limitations of previous generations of cell phones and computing devices.  Not surprisingly, the UAV market faces the…

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