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In the Arena with HTS

X-Band outperforms newcomers, including HTS Ku on SWaP-limited antennas Yesterday’s announcement by Gilat and Intelsat General of tests on Gilat’s BR 71 antenna is great news! Really. Why would an X-band satellite operator say this? Because every technical advancement forces all players to aim at a higher performance threshold, so with this small terminal, one…

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Smaller, Lighter, Further: All-Weather, High Endurance Reconnaissance and the X-band UAV

Small UAV manufacturers, take note: your efforts to build smaller, lighter UAVs with longer range and higher endurance are not going unnoticed.  Time for a quick primer on what the established competition already knows: UAVs are Size, Weight and Power-limited (SWaP-limited) applications, and thus operate better in X-band – and the reason is simple physics involving (a) X-band’s…

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Lickity Split SATCOM Service

A SATCOM terminal manufacturer had been tasked with finding X-band space segment capacity and needed to quickly test their new mobile terminal for military users at Fort Bragg, NC. The catch was they needed service that same day!

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