Size is Important in Mobile SATCOM

We’ve yet to hear a satellite company boast about having the largest mobile terminals around. Mobile terminals are best in small, portable sizes that can easily move as the mission does. So what importance should be placed on the size of a satellite communications provider? Is bigger better here as well?

We don’t think so.

XTAR is a small US-based company that recognizes its size as a strength. Why?

DEDICATION – We have only one business unit. There are no competing interests between commercial and government divisions where each struggles for dominance. We serve only the government/military user.

FLEXIBILITY – Have you ever seen a large organization try to flex? It can’t, and when it tries, it takes months, maybe years. Because of our size, XTAR has the ability to quickly pivot as necessary to meet user requirements.

RESPONSIVENESS – A smaller organization is always that much closer to the customer. We handle engineering, design and customer support in-house and are able to respond to user issues rapidly and activate new links in under 24 hours.

FOCUS – With a single mission comes a deep understanding of our users’ needs along with the ability to constantly learn and reassess, meaning:

  • The soldier in the field has dedicated communications and won’t be kicked off by a commercial user.
  • The special operations user will have the needed flexibility to shift as the mission does.
  • Every contact will receive the urgency and responsiveness it deserves.

Indeed, when it comes to satellite communications providers, we believe size is very important.