X-band is a satellite communication frequency reserved solely for military and government use. The benefits of X-band include lower probability of interference, high throughput and efficiency. Far too often, we run across the common misperception that the only available sources of X-band are government-owned MILSAT fleets. However, X-band is also available commercially making it, hands down, the best choice in many cases over other frequency bands. Every one of us at XTAR is proud that we alone bring to the market a unique offering combining the physical properties of X-band with the flexibility, responsiveness and non-preemptibility of a commercial operator.

Very often, government users turn to value-added integrators to assemble end-to-end solutions by combining all components of a communications system, from space segment capacity to terrestrial infrastructure, fiber backhaul, and remote user terminals. Those same integrators play this role for commercial X-band as they do for all other frequency bands.

But why should an integrator look to XTAR before considering other commercial space segment options? There are a number of good reasons:

A Motivated Resource for Integrators

XTAR’s policy of sticking close to its core capabilities – space segment capacity – ensures we aren’t likely to compete with our integrator customer’s business model of managing end user relationship and handling complex network solutions. Integrators add value to XTAR’s space segment that we could not achieve on our own. Additionally, XTAR prides itself on keeping costs down and maintaining a small and highly efficient organization. Even if we wanted to do so, our size and resources will not allow us to manage the volume and complexity of relationships that integrator customers can handle. Value added integrators extend XTAR’s sales reach and allow us to perform well beyond expectations for our size. As a result, we are extremely motivated to be the go-to source for integrators whenever an end-to-end solution calls for X-band. Additionally, we are heavily invested in making sure the integrator solution is successful in order to gain repeat business. We will always seek to nurture the reputation and visibility of the solutions providers that deliver our service to the customer.

XTAR Space Segment Saves the User Money and Drives Better Financial Returns for the Integrator

The word is getting out that the cost of XTAR X-band is comparable to Ku- or Ka-band on a per megahertz basis. But it often isn’t until users experience XTAR service that they realize that we are regularly and significantly more cost effective on a per Mbps basis than solutions built on other frequency bands. X-band satellites are deployed, by ITU regulation, four degrees apart (compared with other frequency bands being as little as 1.5 degrees apart). XTAR users experience unparalleled abilities to move data through small-disadvantaged terminals while maintaining a MHz to Mbps efficiency that is untouchable by any other frequency. Smart integrators have discovered this advantage and are using XTAR to beat their competition.

XTAR Customer Service

Aside from price, on which XTAR is highly competitive, our customer service – in terms of flexibility and responsiveness – is unmatched by any other satellite operator, regardless of frequency band. It isn’t unheard of for XTAR to get customers through the commercial and technical process of access service within 24-48 hours. Because we are solely focused on the government user, XTAR staff members are not distracted by the need to sell to broadcasters or DTH services. Our only business is supporting the government user and others who do so. In the highly competitive market for solutions, integrators need every advantage they can get. Having the support of a satellite operator who sees its role as furthering the success of its solution provider can be a huge advantage and source of confidence.

XTAR is a team player for many integrators, some familiar with satellite communications, some not. We are a U.S. company solely serving government customers in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. We are adept at advising on how to employ capacity to get the best result and ROI no matter what the mission. Commercial X-band is a hybrid – the best of both worlds – joining the unique benefits of X-band with user-focused commercial terms.