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In the harshest environments.
In the most demanding conditions.
In the most remote regions.


XTAR is a trusted satellite operator with a singular mission: to provide secure, non-preemptible satellite communications exclusively to the government and military user.


XTAR provides services in the X-band frequency range, which is the communications cornerstone of today's military, diplomatic, humanitarian and emergency disaster response operations. A privately-owned and operated company, XTAR supports the critical satellite communications needs of governments around the world through its two X-band payloads.


With its high-powered 72 MHz transponders and global, fixed and steerable beams, XTAR provides over 4 GB of cost-effective, flexible, secure X-band capacity with coverage from Denver east to Singapore. The system can accommodate massive wideband data requirements and provides overlapping coverage with regional redundancy for increased service and reliability.


When your mission depends on fast, flexible, secure satellite communications, look to XTAR as your trusted partner.